Kiddush Options

Basic $180 
        Includes: 3 salads, 2 dips, cholent, drinks, and kiddush wine 
 Standard $360   Includes: Challah, 4 salads,  2 dips, salmon, cholent, drinks, cake, and kiddush wine
 Classic $500   
      Includes: Challahs, 5 salads, 2 dips, cholent, cold cuts or lox, kugel, drinks, cake, and  kiddush wine
 Deluxe $770
    Includes:  Challahs, 6 salads, 2 dips, salmon, cholent, cold cuts or lox, schnitzel or roast beef, kugel, drinks, cake, and  kiddush wine

Salad Options

 Baba Ganoush Taco saladHummous Coleslaw  Fresh SaladTerra Chips Salad Egg Salad Classic Potato Salad Basil Pasta Salad Linguine Pasta Salad  Flat Bread Salad  Matbucha  Corn Salad  Olive Dip  Broccoli  Salad Asian Cabbage Coleslaw Salad  Spanish eggplant  Avocado Hearts of palm Salad  Roasted Pepper Salad  Purple Cabbage Salad Kirbie Salad Zucchini Salad


Birthday Cake Instructions:


Deluxe Kiddush Options:

Cold Cut Platter  Schnitzel PlatterLoxRoast Beef

Kugel Options:

Potato Kugel Broccoli KugelMushroom Kugel  Yerushalmi Kugel Spinach Kugel                  Challah Apple Kugel Lokshen KugelChallah Apple Kugel

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