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Turn Friday Night into Shabbat! - First Friday Night Of The Jewish Month!


The concept of Friday Night Live was created as a means to encourage people of all ages - particularly those who were not Shul regulars, to increase their Shul attendance if only once a month. This would be done by providing a special multifaceted Shabbat experience. 

There are special children services running simultaneously with special incentives and prizes on offer.  

Every Friday Night Live has its own theme and following the service - before going home for Shabbat dinner - where people have the opportunity to mingle and socialize. 

Friday Night live is not the end but the beginning. It is important to stress that Friday night in Shul is the port of entry into the Jewish community and Yiddishkeit. . People are often intimidated to come to shul, especially if they can't read Hebrew or follow the service and the FNL's have made Shul 'cool' relevant and more accessible and have helped people begin their Jewish journey, a Spiritual voyage that, with time, will make them more confident, committed Jews. We are confident that with time, every Friday night will be "Live."

For more information please contact us at 305-975-6680 or [email protected]